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20.11.2017 Autumn has come to Italy and we had our first day of rain in ages, so I decided to fit the glass mosaic tiles I bought for our kitchen splash back. It was a relatively straight forward job, and I'm pleased that the gaps seem very even so you can't spot the joints. We have also severely cut back the bushes and trees on the other side of the road to improve our sea view for the front porch and kitchen.

12.11.2017 While Bibi went to Denmark to see our new grandson (congrats to Sofie and Nicolaj!), I went to Milan for the motorcycle show. There were lots of new bikes, but I was particularly interested in the Triumph Explorer (I have one), the Honda Goldwing (I want one) and the new 650cc Royal Enfield twin (I have an old 500twin). There are always lots of “exotic” bikes and lycra-clad women in Milan, se if you're interested in either here are some 100+ pictures

02.11.2017 It's been an eventful week with Birgit visiting us, an extra long weekend to bridge a national Italian holiday, our 10 year wedding anniversary on 27th October and then Nicolaj and Sofie's son was born on 1st November. Birgit is now safely home after a lovely week blessed with sunny weather, and Bibi is planning to go to Denmark next week to see our first grandchild.

10.10.2017 It's been another lovely warm autumn weekend in Costarainera. We had hoped to go sailing on the last whale watching tour of the year from Imperia, but unfortunately it was too windy so the sailing was cancelled. Instead we went for a hike around Costarainera and Cipressa. Oh, and we finished yet another door (only four more to go now)

03.10.2017 The large yachts are returning to Imperia for the winter, and it’s a good opportunity to see some amazing boats. Bibi have picked all our homegrown olives which we hope to eat; and we continue sanding and oiling the doors (5 more left to go now). I have made two solar-battery-powered garden lanterns from green wine carboys found in the basement

26.09.2017 The pool has arrived, but we have decided to postpone the groundwork to January, so we can get the fence done at the same time (more about this later). The wooden pool has been laid out to dry and will be protected by a dark brown stain before installation. Meanwhile we continue sanding and oiling the windows and doors; and I bought a new terracotta table for the terrace

04.09.2017 Preparations for the 2017 Invitation Only International Pétanque Tournament, to take place in Costarainera 1st November 2017 have begun. The volunteers have cleared the terrain (track), new equipment has been ordered in from the United Kingdom, and on Sunday the first players began practicing

04.09.2017 We have realised that it will be years before we can afford a proper pool, so have decided to purchase a good quality above-ground wooden pool. The chosen location is right next to the terrace, where the pool is comfortably close but doesn't obstruct the views. Unfortunately we had to clear some plants to make way for the concrete foundations to be laid later this month

21.08.2017 Bussana Vecchia was destroyed by an earthquake in 1887 and left as a ghost town until 1959, when a group of artists moved in. Over the years most of the city has been made habitable, but it still has a wonderful medieval look and feel. Access is quite difficult, but with the scooter it's a short 30min ride away. We bought two geckos (surprise!) and a silly, funny little caricature tableaux of the Ligurian cost.

16.08.2017 Well, it hasen't all been about storage. We decided to install a 5x5x5m sun shade sail on the terrace, and it really is great - much better than any parasol. The front overhangs by the kitchen and basement stairwell needed painting, and there was a little bit or iron railing left to paint. After some windy days the sea has calmed down again and visibility is great ... so you get a few more pictures of fish!

14.08.2017 Storage. That's the best word to describe what we have been doing the first part of our holiday. We bought a large sliding door IKEA wardrobe for the master bedroom, and a slimmer but similar one for the single guest room. In addition we decided to put in two tall cupboards in the utility room. Of course there was also time to go to the beach every day, and out for dinner on a couple of occasions.

31.07.2017 It was lovely to have first Nicolaj and Sofie, and later Mikkel and Nathasja, visiting us. This time of year we can pretty much guarantee good weather - something Denmark hasn't seen this summer! I have also made two decorative items for the house: a big metal gecko for outside and a driftwood background for the ceramic fish we bought last year in Sicily. Next weekend our new IKEA wardrobes and extra cupboards for the utility room arrives, just in time for the summer holiday (9-23 August)

06.06.2017 We had a great time with Kinga, Witek and the kids, and as you can see from Witek's pictures they look like they enjoyed themselves. We have painted the black metal fences. Bibi and Witek cleared the front lawn that we want to lay to grass. I have cleaned up our two hardwood sun loungers. The glass mosaic tiles for our kitchen splash-back have arrived. It's been warm enough to go swimming, and even the Internet now works! So I could replace the old stereo with the Sonos Bibi gave me for Xmas

01.05.2017 Helle & Lars weren't that lucky with the weather, but we still had a great weekend, and hopefully they will be back. Birgit was slightly more fortunate in the week she was here. As you can see we've started painting the railings around the house and oiling the window frames, while the blacksmith has installed the two cages for the a/c units, to prevent them being stolen. I have also made a big heavy parasol base in situ - not to save money - but to save my back carrying it up on the roof terrasse.

02.04.2017 It's difficult to get around in Liguria by car in the summertime, so we have done like the locals and bought a scooter. We got a 2016 Piaggio Beverly 350 ABS, because it was the best compromise for our requirements, and found a 2nd hand with just 4.750km, which saved us more than €1.500 over list price. On Friday I rode it all the way to Costarainera, avoiding the boring motorway

05.03.2017 Finally some progress. The plumbers have installed the two heats pumps, and the four internal units, ready for the electrician to connect. Very nice job, with no pipes on internal walls, and only a fairly discreet copper duct on the outside. They also connect the water under the new kitchen sink, so we could finish the cabinet underneath and move the dishwasher in, which in turn made room for the washer in the utility room. As if that wasn't enough the gardener planted our line of thuja trees on Friday, and Marco not only made us a new cement entrance walkway (to be paved later), but also ran three new pipes into the house for ENEL the electric company and TIM the Internet guys ... none of whom have kept their appointments recently!

31.01.2017 After two years almost to the date, it was finally time to take all our stuff out of storage. For me it was a big day, because I got to see my four classic motorbikes again. But it was also nice to get all our garden tools, furniture and ornaments, not to mention all the other tools and parts that I had decided I could not part with when we left the UK. It is going to take a few weekends to get it all sotred out though.

31.01.2017 The kitchen is almost finished. We got the last drawers in, put up the oven and the microwave. I fitted all the handles ... and then Bibi was ready to move in. We still the plumber to connect the water and drainage before we can move the dishwasher, and the electrician to finish the connection for the ceiling light, but it looks and feel like a kitchen now. We even had dinner at our new 'breakfast bar' area.

22.01.2017 The electrician finished his work this week, so I could get on with the kitchen. Some of the drawers (still without handles) on the island went in, so did our clever little socket. Then I installed the elements against the wall, including the worktop and the induction cooker. Bibi painted the utility wall, where the old water-heaters were, and around our 'new' front door, amd she assembled our new IKEA coffee table/footstool.

15.01.2017 Bibi decided she was going to paint the guest bedroom this weekend, while I continued with the kitchen. We were able to get the worktop on the kitchen island - although it was quite heavy. That meant I could get the sink installed. This week the electrician should do his bit, and then I can finish the kitchen. We also had time to try a new restaurant down in San Lorenzo al Mare, which was okay.

07.01.2017 After a lovely and cosy Xmas with Ken's parents and all four of the kids in Barløse, Mikkel and Nat joined us in Costarainera for New Years. It was nice to have them around and they helped in the garden as well (to keep warm, I suppose). Towards the end of the holiday the plumber turned up, and installed our new water heater in the basement, and the extractor with external motor. That meant we could eliminate the two water heaters in the utility room, and that I could fix the kitchen island cabinets in place.

11.12.2016 Last weekend Dana & Mike went with us to Costarainera; and we visited Imperia. The tradesmen had installed our new green/white front door and the three black doors in the basement. This week the blacksmith had put up the bars for the basement windows and upstairs terrace door. Now the house is secure and we can get our things out of storage (soon).

30.11.2016 There is a pattern emerging here: I work on the kitchen, while Bibi continues to clear the rest of the garden. We both made progress last weekend. The plumber also came by to look at the jobs we have for him and prepare a quote. The electrician didn't show, but promises to come on Saturday. This week the front door and the three doors in the basement should be replaced, so we're looking forward to that. Next weekend Dana & Mike are coming with us ... I think they miss their furniture already!

20.11.2016 Our new shutters has finally arrived, and they look great. We have gone for aluminium, as the wooden shutters survived less than 5 year in the harsh climate, but we kept the same traditional green colour. Bibi cleared the rest of the rear garden, while I got started on the kitchen.There is something like 33 drawers to assemble, and I got 16 done this weekend. Now the final position of the cabinets has been tested, it's time to call the plumber and electrician.

15.11.2016 My new company car arrived last week. I ordered an Opel Mokka 4x4 COSMO 1.6 CDTI in white with two-tone brown leather interior. The car came nicely spec’d; the only option I specified was a (small) electric sunroof. It is the outgoing 1st gen Mokka, but it’s a nice and comfortable car, that - like most new cars - drives comfortably and effortlessly. The biggest improvement is the multi-adjustable and ergonomic seats, which makes a significant difference when you have a doggy back.