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29.06.2021 We went to Tappezzeria Gambriazio in Brescia to get a new soft top for the Porsche Boxster. We choose a high quality Sonnenland - the original Porsche supplier - with a colour change from blue to black and an upgrade to glass window (originally available for the 2003 model year). It really looks good and should last many years, so worth the 775km round trip. You can see the original blue soft top - which lasted almost 19 years - in the post below

03.05.2021 The original 19 year old soft top on our Boxster is in fair condition, but the plastic window has gone brittle and has cracked on both sides. Unfortunately, a repair is not economically viable, so we need a new soft top. With a glass window upgrade the new soft top should last many years, and can be folded without getting out of the car. The best price was from a shop in Brescia, so we'll combine it with a weekend trip to Lake Garda in late June, now covid restriction seems to be easing

09.06.2020 I have done a little more work on the Boxster. First job was to lightly sand and then polish the headlights, where the UV coating had gone opaque and yellowish. During a recent aircon overhaul someone broke the windscreen wiper cover, so I had to repair that and fix the loose windscreen trim. At the same time, I cleaned up the front underhood compartment. I had already hand polished the car, but I decided to go over it again with my new polishing machine, and the result is so much better

01.02.2020 Just in case you thought that I still hadn't done much to our Boxster, here's a quick update. I'm currently cleaning, sanding and re-varnishing the red brake calipers that have gone matt, cleaning the wheels and replacing the centre caps. Already completed is: "S" logo on the back, exhaust pipe, aircon display and hydraulic trunk struts (front and rear). I have also replaced the redundant cassette tape holder (yes, really!) with a phone tray, cleaned the carpets and replaced the windscreen wipers.

14.12.2019 Our Porsche Boxster S is a 2002 pre-facelift car with a 3.2litre 6-cylinder 252hp engine and 6 speed manual transmission. The car was originally specified with some really nice and expensive options: Electrically adjustable/heated Sports Seats, full leather interior, sports suspension, Porsche Stability Management and 18" Sport Classic wheels (sadly no longer with the car). It has done 80.000km and needs some cosmetic attention, which is just the sort of project a perfectionist like me enjoys